// Lead Vocals


Paul played in bands through his teens and early 20's but eventually gave in to 'the man', and gave it up to get a 'real' job. Feeling lost and missing the camaraderie of being in a band, The Beez rescued him from obscurity to be their lead man, and once more Paul has fallen in love with the music. A mover and a shaker at the front, he just loves to perform. His taste in music is as eclectic as they come but he does love a bit of cheese. He is buzzing to be a Bee!! 


// guitar / vocals








Steve is a very experienced musician, singer and an outstanding guitarist.

A multi-instrumentalist, he is also a talented singer in his own right and provides vocal harmonies with Paul which really adds something to our sound. His solo's have to be heard!


// drums






Cammy absolutely loves playing in the band, and spending time with the guys. Performing is a pleasure, and, as the elder statesman of the band, he keeps the rest of the band in line, generally organising everything! He enjoys pretty much every type of music, but particularly old school rock and indie.


// guitar















Rich has been playing guitar since he was in his early teens. He loves live music and when he's not playing he is often found watching live bands at concerts, bars or festivals.


// bass guitar


Sean has played guitar for over 20 years and is a highly accomplished player.
He mainly plays classical, finger style and ragtime guitar outside of the band, but enjoys playing the different types of music the band has in their set list.